In Supercar-lites class was another Varmlander who sneaked into the finals, Thomas Bryntesson from Töcksfors who made a highly successful debut season in the class. Bryntesson missed the start of the finals where Oliver Eriksson took the lead. Eriksson was hunted wild game of Bryntesson already early in the finals, mirrors full with Kevin Hansen and series leader Tobias Brink. Brink and Hansen settlement was an eventful history which it was run hard but honestly, combatants between. When the dust has settled in the final round with Thomas Bryntesson the winner, just ahead of Oliver Eriksson and with a wildly struggling Tobias Brink on the final podium place. Brinks podium means that he is now part series lead with Kevin Hansen.

– It will involve a mix of speed, cooling and routine that will decide the fight for the title. Says Tobias Brink after the podium in Arvika.

Race Results:

1. Thomas Bryntesson
2. Oliver Eriksson
3. Tobias Brink
4. Kevin Hansen
5. Reinis Nitiss
6. William Nilsson


RallyX Season Standings:

01 Tobias Brink – Brinkmann Motorsport  91
02 Kevin Hansen – Hansen Talent Development 91
03 Oliver Eriksson – Olsberg MSE 77
04 Viktor Johansson – Team Br Öhman Racing 68
05 Wiliam Nilsson – JC Race Engineering 65
06 Simon Olofsson – Team John Deere Sweden 65
07 Sandra Hultgren – Olsberg MSE – 62
08 Thomas Bryntesson – TBRX 56
09 Joachim Hvaal – JC Race Engineering 43
10 Thomas Holmen – Holmenrx 23
11 Paul Blomqvist 23
12 Reinis Nitiss – Sports Racing Technologies19
13 Daniel Samuelsson – Team Gunnar Speaker Fridlund 13
14 Jonathan Walfridsson – Helmia Motorsport 7


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