The third round of RX Lites 2015 Season witnessed an enormous crowds of Scandinavian RX fans in Höljes, Sweden this weekend. More than 40.000 enthusiastic rallycross fans proved that not only the quantity but the quality matters. They have cheered, had party and enjoyed the action for three full days at the circuit which is based in Varmlands.RXLites-2015-Holjes-news_2-1024x682

The race weekend started early for 15 RX Lites crews in total and it was the maximum number the series had reached so far. Heat1 was scheduled on Friday after warm up laps. The first Heat was won by Kevin Hansen Jr which helped him to get the early lead through the next day. Kevin Eriksson was only 0,33 seconds behind him and a newcomer Andreas Wernersson clocked the third time.


There were only 2 Heats scheduled on Saturday. Reigning Champion answered back to his rival on this heat and won. On the other hand, Kevin hansen Jr, struggled to catch his usual tempo while finishing the Heat 11th. Andreas Wernersson finished in second place and Tobias Brink got the third position. Another newcomer Jonathan Walfridson rolled his car after big jump, off the road but he was lucky to set on for wheels as he carried on to race by only losing seconds. Thomas Bryntesson was also one of the victims of the big jump as he went off the road and rescued his car from rolling with a few meters, he also made it to finish line and scored points.


Simon Olofsson with John Deere livery on his RX Lites managed to win Heat3 and it was his first Heat win of the season for him. Thomas Bryntesson was second this time and Kevin Hansen Jr finished at 3rd place altough he was penalised two times joker lap pass as he jump started at the grid. Kevin Eriksson was excluded from this race by the Stewards after a contact with Tomas Holmen which forced him to drop down to 13th position in Intermediate overall standings.

The third and the last day of the race weekend has started with Heat 4 as the drivers used their last chances in order to be qualified for the final races. Kevin Eriksson had a clear win and secured his ticket to finals. Thomas Bryntesson and Simon Olofsson followed him respectively. Andreas Persson lost his wheel after a damage in the traffic and couldn’t make it to finish line and caused him to lost his chance to finals. Ada Marie Hvaal and Jonathan Walfridsson were the other two names who were out from the best 12 for semi finals. Simon Olofsson lead the Intermediate classification and scored the top points for the championship. Andreas Wernersson was second and Kevin Hansen Jr was the third in standings before the schedule continued with semi-finals.

Both semi-finals presented an amazing competition and wowed the thousands of spectators under a hot, shiny weather. Simon Olofsson kept the pace he reached in Heats and won the semi final 1. Kevin Hansen Jr and Alexander Westlund followed him to the final race. Simon Wago Syversen rolled his car after joker lap but he was not lucky enough to continue and retired from the race. Just a few meters after his car, Tobias Brink had to park after losing his rear right wheel, as he damaged his car after his spin and off-road experience earlier in the same lap.


On semi final 2, Thomas Bryntesson dominated the race and won in front of Kevin Eriksson with just above a second gap. Andreas Wernersson was the last name to qualify for the final race.

The final race started with Simon Olofsson’s early lead but after joker lap strategies he lost his advantage. Breathtaking bumper-to-bumper action between Thomas Bryntesson and Kevin Hansen Jr through the finish line was one of the unforgetable moments of the weekend. Bryntesson managed to defend his lead in the front and won the 3rd round of the season only by 0,4 second gap in front of Hansen Jr. Kevin Eriksson clinched another podium success and scored valuable points. Andreas Wernersson was 4th on his debut race in Höljes with RX Lites. Simon Olofsson finished the race in 5th position but his Heat and Semi-Final successes helped him to score 24 points for the championship which is equal to the race winner Bryntesson. Alexander Westlund finished the final race in 6th position and proved that his absence in previous races didn’t effect his speed.

Overall Standings of RX Lites 2015 season has changed after HöljesRX. Kevin Hansen Jr took the lead with 79 points. Kevin Eriksson dropped to 2nd place and has got 73 points now. Simon Olofsson had the most profit from the weekend and climbed up to 3rd position. Thomas Bryntesson is right behind him on 4th.

RX Lites season will continue in Norway with HellRX. The second Scandinavian experience will be organised on 24-25 August

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