The very first SuperCar Lites was produced in October 2012 and tested in several race tracks before it started its worldwide journey. Avitas Motorsport and Olsbergs MSE have used their precious experiences on both Automotive and Motorsport Industry in order to produce a powerful, easy-to-handle and competitive race car at affordable budgets.

“Lites” project first hit USA under Global Rallycross Championship as it’s called GRC Lites. 2016 will be its 4th year in a row as a supporting event and it’s covering all 12 events of the season including Phoenix – Arizona, Dallas – Texas, Seattle – Washington, Daytona – Florida and Los Angeles – California. It will be aired live throughout the world both on selected TV Channels and LiveStream on internet.

Scandinavia is another powerful arena for SuperCar Lites. 2 separate championships are run through the year. “RallyX on Ice” is a 4 race series and organised in winter time. The most attractive part of this challenge is of course, the surface. Drivers compete over thick ice at the race tracks. The second series is RallyX and it’s run on summer days out of 6 races. Both Championships has a privilige to be aired live on Swedish TV Channel SVT and they broadcast the whole event day live on internet.

One of the most well-known brand is RX Lites since it’s the supporting event for FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy. RX Lites started in 2014 upon a long-term contract between WorldRX promoter IMG and First Corner Ltd. This contract is for certain 5 years and has 5 years optional extension. First Corner Ltd has the rights for RX Lites and this contract includes not only for certain amount of races but also all the commercial rights as well as some priviliges at on-event activites. RX Lites started with 7 races on selected WorldRX rounds in 2014 and the series extended to 8 races on the following year. One of the races in the schedule was CanadaRX and it is named Intercontinental RX Lites Cup since the event provides an opportunity for drivers from different championships to compete on that same day. On its third year, RX Lites will be visiting new venues and meeting new fans including legendary Hockenheim Ring in Germany, Mettet in Belgium and all-newvenue for WorldRX regulars, Riga, Latvia. As in previous years RX Lites races will be broadcasted live,or as-live on more than 60 TV channels reaching more than 800 million homes all troughout the world. SuperCar Lites project is improving every year to reach more and more young talents. It is already an international challenge under equal conditions which is provided by identical cars. Affordable budgets to run the season makes it reachable for career planners on motorsports as there is a serious amount of
support to teams and drivers from FirstCorner, including Spare Parts Truck on every event, fuel and tyre supplier agreements for championships and as well as an engineer and a designer support on the spot.

Only in 3 years, there are many names out there who experienced SuperCar Lites and most of them are young talents who gained successes at World Championship level, proving the motto “Creating Future Stars”. 30 races in total per year makes the SuperCar Lites a feasible investment for professional teams as well as a worldwide competition ground for future rallycross stars.