Thomas Bryntesson secured his fourth win in a row at the penultimate round of 2015 RX Lites Cup in Istanbul. As a supporting event for Turkey RX of FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, RX Lites provided some great moments, high level of competition and action for the RX enthusisasts.

Young Norwegian made a fast start to the weekend and won both Heats on Saturday. After winning Heat3 on Sunday had to settle for the 3rd place on Heat4. But, this didn’t even slowed him down and Thomas Bryntesson won the Semi-final over reigning champion Kevin Eriksson. At the final race, he got the pace from the very beginning to the last lap. After getting into Joker lap on the last lap he secured his position right in front of Kevin Hansen Jr and  made it to top of the podium once again. With this win, he got the 30 perfect points and managed to climb up one position over Kevin Eriksson at the championship standings while reducing  the gap between Hansen Jr to 11 points.

RedBull Hansen Junior Team driver Kevin Hansen Jr kept his lead at the championship standings after finishing second on the podium.  Hansen managed to keep himself away from risky moves, planned correct joker lap strategies as well as keeping the tempo as high as possible to carry him to the podium.

MSA UK Talent Search winner Tom Onslow Cole finished third on his debut rallycross event. In every Heat race the Brit improved his lap times and get used to the feeling of his RXLites. Rockstar Energy Drink driver was quite satisfied with the result and one of the happiest man of the weekend. Besides his success at GT races, he is also poisoned with RX spirit and wishing to get back to RX track in the future.

However, the weekend in Intercity IstanbulPark witnessed some dramas alongside the joy. Reigning Champion Kevin Eriksson  couldn’t get the results as he planned before the event. With a small mistake, he rolled his car on a left U-turn at the entrance of gravel section and couldn’t finish Heat1. OlsbergsMSE prepared his car quickly to get him back to the race again. Young Swede improved his times and finally won the Heat4 on Sunday. But, this was not enough to take him to podium.  After involving an incident at the final race and having a small damage on his front right, he managed to finish only fifth overall. This result caused him to drop down to third position at the general standings, right behind Thomas Bryntesson. Mathematically, he still have the chance to get the crown in Italy but it’s only depends on his rivals’ mistakes.

Joachim Hvaal finished fourth in Istanbul. This result provided him to climb up at the standings over Simon Olofsson at fourth palce. Consistent performance from the Norwegian provided him a higher standings just before the last round of the season.

Polish motorsports legend Krzysztof Holowczyc finished sixth at the final race. He was more pleased of his performance in Istanbul than his previous events. He won Heat3 Race1 and got a better pace during the laps. Lotto Team’s driver Martin Kaczmarski  couldn’t make it to final race after finishing fourth at the semi-final 2, right behind his team mate Holowczyc.

Tejas Hirani from Kenya had better lap times than his debut event in BarcelonaRX. On his second event he managed to finish 5th at the intermadiate standings but after a close battle with Hvaal on semi-final 1 and finishing fourth, he missed his final race ticket.

Qatari driver Khalid Al Suwaidi made his debut in Istanbul. Middle East Rally Championship contender, struggled to get the pace but the more he got the feeling, the faster times he clocked on the circuit. Even after rolling his car at the same spot with Kevin Eriksson in a diferent Heat race, Al Suwaidi managed to finish and collected his first intermediate points. He seemed happy to join the battle among the RXLites regulars.

Simon Wago Syversen was another name to loose a race while leading. As he spun at Heat4 Race1 he missed the chance to win. But fortunately he managed to finish.

Let’s join ToksportWRT duo Tejas Hirani and Khalid Al Suwaidi for a hotlap in Intercity IstanbulPark.

The last round of RXLites 2015 series will be organised in Franciacorta Circuit, Italy on 17-18 October weekend. The race will crown the season’s best driver.  Unlike last year, there are still 3 drivers to win the title and the event in Franciacorta will provide the best moments of the season.

You can see the full results of TurkeyRX here.


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