The entry list for the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires’ transatlantic trip to Canada has been officially revealed, with 17 drivers set to do battle across the other side of the Pond at Trois-Rivières on 5/6 August – more than twice as many as did so last year.

Following a pulsating opening four rounds to RX2’s inaugural campaign, the season will speed into its second half in Canada. Not only that, but the title battle is hotting up after Dan Rooke’s maiden victory last time out in Höljes, reducing championship leader Cyril Raymond’s advantage at the top of the standings to just six points.

Whilst the Frenchman has competed at Trois-Rivières in the past, the majority of his adversaries – Rooke included – have not, meaning there will be plenty of learning to be done ahead of the opening Qualifying race.

The 15 full-time protagonists will be joined by Olsbergs MSE newcomers Guerlain Chicherit – whose scheduled RX2 debut in Sweden was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances – and Cole Keatts. The full entry list reads as follows:

William Nilsson SWE JC Raceteknik
Simon Wågø Syversen NOR Set Promotion
Glenn Haug NOR Glenn Haug
11 Tanner Whitten USA Olsbergs MSE
12 Anders Michalak SWE Anders Michalak
13 Cyril Raymond FRA Olsbergs MSE
19 Andreas Bäckman SWE Olsbergs MSE
26 Jessica Bäckman SWE Olsbergs MSE
36 Guerlain Chicherit FRA Olsbergs MSE
40 Dan Rooke GBR Team Färén
51 Sandra Hultgren SWE Sandra Hultgren
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson
53 Cole Keatts USA Olsbergs MSE
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies
56 Thomas Holmen NOR Bard Holmen
69 Sondre Evjen NOR JC Raceteknik
96 Guillame De Ridder BEL JC Raceteknik