CanadaRX was just added to the memories with its unique atmosphere and hosting RX Lites Intercontinental Cup. 8 drivers from 5 different countries had challenged during two days at very famous GP Trois Rivieres Motorsports Festival. This stand alone race also witnessed a “first time ever” for RX Lites family. Saeed Bintouq from Dubai managed to step on the 2nd place of the podium. And by that, he deserved the title of being very first person on the podium from the whole Gulf region in middle East.
Right after the race we asked him a few questions and made him to tell everything when all were fresh.

RXL- Congratulations on your podium success. Can you please tell us about the race weekend in Canada? How was it and how did you find the atmosphere?
SB – First of all I would like to thank the team OlsbergsMSE for their nonstop hard work and support.
It was difficult for me in qualifying but in semifinals we pushed and pushed. In the finals, it was amazing really with the rain coming down half way through it was great fun for everyone and thankfully we managed to keep the car stable and finish in 2nd.. Canada is an amazing race and loving it here fantastic atmosphere


RXL – This is your first podium at the World Rallycross Arena. But also this is the first podium for Dubai or UAE and yet for the whole Gulf at rallycross. How this make you feel? Any future plans?
SB – It’s a wonderful feeling really coming all the way from Dubai UAE. I’m really honored to be here doing what I love and of course I want to keep doing it and pursue my dreams.

RXL – In general, how you compare Rallycross with other motorsports? Do you recommend it to your friends?
SB – It’s best of both worlds from circuit and rally and it’s so much fun .. yes anyone who has the chance to do it go for it it’s proper racing !



RXL – We know you’re a fan of RX Lites. How you find the whole series? What makes it special for you?

SB – It’s a great entry level series for anyone who wants to compete professionally in the FIA WorldRX so much that you can learn spending time with everyone from the team and event..
It’s the atmosphere and racing and the family spirit that’s in the sport is what I like most.

RXL – Thank you for your time and contribution. All the best in BarcelonaRX

Photo credit. Jakub Nitka