The sixth and the last round of RallyX Nordic 2017 Season was organised in Strangnas, Sweden this weekend. Each Class of the Championship found its last winner.

In the talented Supercar Lites, the drama was great all the way across the finish line. Before the semifinals, only three points separated between Simon Olofsson and chasing William Nilsson. Then the drama started for the series leader Olofsson.


On the last lap in the Semifinal 1, Olofsson broke his front right wishbone and slipped outside a safe final spot. After this, he went down to fourth place and thus he was outside the final. But Olofsson’s rescue appeared when he jumped into the reserve in the final and the title jump was alive again. To the final, Nilsson also qualified and before the final start, only one point separated between Olofsson and Nilsson.

The final start became a dramatic story where four cars appeared in width after the first curve. Out of the chaos, Olofsson came out in charge of Nilsson chasing behind. But the gold quickly turned to sand when Nilsson appeared to the wire on the third yard. After that, Nilsson never let go and the score could secure the gold thanks to the victory in the competition. Olofsson, with a broken exhaust system, dropped down to fourth place overall in the competition and with a silver in the championship.

William Nilsson was noticeably taken after the gold and could hardly summarize the feelings of victory.
“I barely know what to say. It feels almost weird but so badly nice to finally stand here with the title secured.”

While Nilsson’s victory celebrated, Olofsson was even more depressed and rare after the goldsmith:
“We really did everything we could …”

Vasily Gryazin finished second place in the competition and Norwegian Sondre Evjen took the last podium spot. Plus points also for Jessica Bäckman. She went to her first final for the season, which unfortunately ended with a roll on the last lap.

The competition at Strängnäs Motor Stadium was settled in classic autumn weather where rain and breakdown were mixed during the day. Now RallyX Nordic goes on a winter holiday to the 2018 season starts.


RallyX Nordic, Strängnäs Motor Stadium, September 23rd

Supercar Lites


1) Wlliam Nilsson, JC Raceteknik

2) Vasiliy Gryazin, Sports Racing, Technologies

3) Sondre Evjen, JC Raceteknik

4) Simon Olofsson, STS RX

5) Jessica Bäckman, Olsbergs MSE

6) Henrik Krogstad, JC Raceteknik

Championship Standings

1) William Nilsson, 126 points

2) Simon Olofsson, 122

3) Henrik Krogstad, 96

4) Vasiliy Gryazin, 86

5) Sondre Evjen, 78

6) Viktor Johansson, Öhman Motorsport, 75