Scandinavian Rallycross Championship, RallyX Nordic is coming back to action after a short summer break. Next stop is Strängnäs for the 3rd round of 2016 season. There will be 12 drivers at the steer of their SuperCar Lites challenge eachother for a podium place.

Thomas Bryntesson of Norway is leading the series after 2 rounds with 60 points. Tobias Brink of Sweden and Tejas Hirani of Kenya are following the leader with 47 and 41 points respectively. It is expected to be an hard competition to defend the positions or climb up on scores since there are only a few points seperating the ranks.

The schedule starts with free practices on Thursday, the 28th at 13:00 local time. First Qualifying round will be at 15:40 and the final race at 20:30

Rallycross fans from all over the world will have chance to watch the race live  through internet via SVT Play which is between 18:15 and 21:15

Here is the full list of entrants for the 3rd round in Strängnäs :

1 52 Simon Olofsson SMK Eda Supercar Lites Team John Deere Sweden
2 55 Alexander Westlund Gestrike RT Supercar Lites
3 56 Thomas Holmen KNA Solör Supercar Lites
4 66 Santosh Berggren Falköpings MK Super Car Lites
5 69 William Nilsson KAK Supercar Lites JC Raceteknik
6 71 Tobias Brink KAK Supercar Lites
7 72 Thomas Bryntesson NMK Trögstad Super Car Lites JC Raceteknik
8 88 Tejas Hirani RVMSC Supercar Lites Olsbergs MSE
9 90 Martins Lapins ASN Latvia Supercar Lites
10 91 Jonathan Walfridsson MK Ratten Supercar Lites Helmia Motorsport
11 96 Sondre Evjen NMK Gol Super Car Lites JC Raceteknik
12 99 Joachim Hvaal NMK Grenland Supercar Lites JC Raceteknik