RallyX finalen 2016-10-08 Foto Tony Welam

Norwegian driver Thomas Bryntesson and Swedish team JC Raceteknik secured the RallyX Nordic Supercar Lites Rallycross Championship by winning the final round of the series at Grenland in Norway (October 8).

Heading into the event with a healthy points lead, qualifying for the final was enough to secure Bryntesson the championship title in only his second season of rallycross competition. With championship pressure removed, Bryntesson was at his best in the final. Third on lap one, the RX Lites Cup vice-champion took an early joker lap, followed by JC Raceteknik team mate Joachim Hvaal, and moved up the order as those ahead took their joker laps, to win the event and claim the prestigious championship in style.

Hvaal finished the final at his home round of the championship fourth, having set strong pace through the entire event, and finishes a strong fourth in the overall in the standings as a result. Swedish driver William Nilsson made it three JC Raceteknik cars in the final and completed his season with a fifth place finish, behind team mate Hvaal, and concludes the competitive championship in sixth overall.

Following his maiden victory in the final round of the RX Lites Cup a week earlier in Latvia, Sondre Evjen started his home round of the RallyX Nordic championship with strong pace. Second fastest in Q1, Evjen heading a JC Raceteknik 1-2-3-4 in Q2, ahead of Bryntesson, Nilsson and Hvaal, but had a half-roll in Q3 and lost time. A broken gear lever in the semi-final brought a premature end to his event.

RallyX finalen 2016-10-08 Foto Tony Welam

RallyX final 2016-10-08 Foto Tony Welam

Thomas Bryntesson (NOR) #16 :

“The race could not have been better and it feels really good to end the season on top. During the day, I thought constantly about the championship and fought hard not lose the lead. But, when I secured the title already in the semifinals, I could recharge fully for the final. I made several bad starts over the weekend, but the pace has been good and I have managed to build up through the races. I really had to fight for the victory, because of that in some ways it feels almost as good to win the event as it does to win the championship. Exactly what happens next I do not know yet. The dream is absolutely to race in the top Supercar category, so we will work hard to try and get the budget together to do that.”

Sondre Evjen (NOR) #69 :

“It was a great weekend. I felt I had good pace in the qualifying races, even though I laid the car on its side in Q3, but I landed on my wheels. The car wasn’t damaged but I lost a lot of time there. I know we would have been up there in the final because we had good lap times, but something broke with the gearshift in the semi-final and the car was stuck in fourth gear. I just tried to use the clutch all the way but I had to stop. The pace we’ve had here is really good for next year. I plan to race in a full season on Lites year and I hope we can continue to work with JC Raceteknik. I’m especially looking forward to racing here again.”

Joachim Hvaal (NOR) #99 :

“I had some power steering issues with the car in Q2 and Q3, until the semi-final. In the semi-final I made a bad start and ended up getting stuck in traffic, but managed to be third and get into the final behind Thomas and Simon Olofsson. In the final I made a good start, but in a racing incident on track I almost rolled the car. Because of that I ended up with some small damage to the car, but I managed to finish fourth.”

RallyX finalen 2016-10-08 Foto Tony Welam

Thomas Bryntesson RallyX – 2016 Champion – Foto Tony Welam

Source : JC Raceteknik newsletter