STCC/RallyX Ring Knutstorp,  Foto: Daniel Ahlgren - STCC

STCC/RallyX Ring Knutstorp, Foto: Daniel Ahlgren – STCC

Simon Olofsson won the 5th round of RallyX Championship which was organised in Knutstorp, Sweden last weekend. With this result, Olofsson climbed up to 2nd position overall at the championship standings. He scored the perfect points of 30 after winning the heats, semi final and final race. Joachim Hvaal from JC Raceteknik finished 2nd and title contender Tobias Brink completed the podium with his 3rd place success.



Championship leader Thomas Bryntesson could place himself at the 6th position after having troubles: “Exiting the joker lap, I came out side-by-side with another driver. Unfortunately I got a black flag after the race because the judges felt that I was in the wrong for the move. It really feels sad to be honest. We had some problems on the first day, but the team worked really hard overnight and it worked like clockwork in the semi-finals. Knutstorp is a fun track and in the semi-final we were flying. For JC Raceteknik to have all of its drivers in the final was great.”
Despite the result, young Norwegian is still leading the series and going to Lördagen, Norway for the final race to defend his lead and get the crown. Next round will be organised on October 8.

STCC Knutstorp. Foto: Jerry Karlgren

STCC Knutstorp. Foto: Jerry Karlgren

Round 5 of RallyX Scandinavia Results:

  1. Simon Olofsson, Simon Olofsson RX
  2. Joachim Hvaal, JC Race Engineering
  3. Tobias Brinkmann, Brinkmann Motorsport
  4. William Nilsson, JC Race Technology
  5. Thomas Holmen Holmen RX
  6. Thomas Bryntesson, TBRX / JC Race Technology

Championship standings after 5 rounds:

1 Thomas Bryntesson JC Race Engineering 113
2 Simon Olofsson Simon Olossson RX 99
3 Tobias Brink Brinkmann Motorsport 96
4 Joachim Hvaal JC Race Engineering 76
5 Thomas Holmen Holmenrx 63
6 Wiliam Nilsson JC Race Engineering 60
7 Santosh Berggren A Berggren Auto FLOBY 54
8 Jonathan Walfridsson Helmia Motorsport 44
9 Tejas Hirani Olsberg MSE 41
10 Alexander Westlund Westlundsrx 41
11 Oliver Eriksson Olsberg MSE 33
12 Sondre Evjen JC Race Engineering 28
13 Andreas Wernersson Olsberg MSE 22
14 Sandra Hultgren Hultgren Motorsport 12
15 Tobias Sword 11
16 Mattias Jirvelius Team Grow Nutrition 10
17 Martins Lapin JC Race Engineering 10
18 Viktor Johansson JC Race Engineering 9
19 Vasily Gryazin Sports Racing Technologies 4

Cover and 2nd Photo Credit : Daniel Ahlgren
Interview Credit : JC Raceteknik Newsletter