Mitchell De Jong came, saw and conquered in RallyX On Ice premiere. The American super talent won the thrilling final in Soderhamn ahead of  Alexander Westlund.

The action packed in Helsinge Motor Stadium last sunday at the first round of 2017 RallyX on Ice Championship Under perfect conditions, drivers and spectators enjoyed their first race of the season. Till the final race, it was an Oliver Eriksson show. Olsbergs MSE driver dominated the heats and easily stepped in to the final race. His teammate Mitchell DeJong joined the action and placed himself at the final race. But Alexander Westlund took the lead after an amazing start at the final race. Unfortunately, Oliver Eriksson lost his place but Mitchell DeJong used the opportunity to take the lead after Westlund’s early joker lap and kept his position to the flag. Westlund could finished 4th ahead of Norwegian Sondre Evjen who finished 3rd. One of the favourites of the weekend, Thomas Bryntesson could finish at 4th and carried his hopes to the next round.


The winner, Dejong was so excited for this victory on his first ever event on Ice and under these conditions: “I really wish we had a race on snow and ice in the United States. This was so sick fun. The feeling finals through was that I had the right fluency and even though it was hard, it felt controlled.”


JC Racetek driver Sondre Evjen managed to place himself at the podium : “Getting on the podium was my goal, so it was a nice start to the season. The semi-final felt good. I came out second at the start and even though I made a few minor errors I finished in that position. In the final the track was rutted and I had to push to get the car around the track, but it was enough for third place. I have a good feeling in the car and there is good momentum. The goal is to fight for the podium in RallyX On Ice, and I’m aiming for victory at my home track at the next race. I’ve been done many laps there, so if all goes as it should, it could be really good.”



Next race for RallyX On Ice will be at Fuglehaugens Motor Center in Norway on 4 March.


RallyX On Ice, Soderhamn, 4-5 February.

1) Mitchell De Jong, USA, Olsberg MSE

2) Alexander Westlund, Gestrike RT, WestlundsRX

3) Sondre Evjen, NMK Gol, JC Race Technology

4) Thomas Bryntesson, NMK Sluggish City, JC Race Technology

5) Oliver Eriksson, MK Speed, Olsberg MSE

6) Simon Olofsson, SMK Eda, SimonOlofssonRx