Guillaume De Ridder is the 2018 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires Supercar Lites Champion after doing exactly what he needed to wrap up the title before at the end of Q3.

The Belgian came into the final weekend of the season at the Tierp Arena with a comfortable 17 point margin over Ben-Philip Gundersen, but while he couldn’t manage more than third overall in the Intermediate Classification, his rivals was only fourth himself.

As such, De Ridder extended his lead to 18 points ahead of the semi-finals and with only 14 points up for grabs in the final races of the season it means the Olsbergs MSE driver has an insurmountable lead.

De Ridder made his RallyX Nordic debut this season with the Swedish team as part of a campaign alongside the RX2 International Series and immediately made an impression by winning the opening three races. While issues in Nysum and Kouvola pegged him back to bring the championship down to the wire, it was a tall order for his one remaining rival in Gundersen to keep his hopes alive into the final.


Series returnee Kevin Eriksson won the Intermediate Classification in the sister Olsbergs MSE car, with newcomer Reinis Nitiss impressing to claim second on his maiden Supercar Lites outing. De Ridder was third with Gundersen fourth, ahead of Sondre Evjen in fifth.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Walfridsson is reported to be OK by JC Raceteknik after a heavy crash in race two of Q3 prompted a red flag.


Guillaume De Ridder, 2018 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires Supercar Lites Champion: “I am feeling very good right now! I can finally relax and enjoy this moment. It was good the title was decided before the semi-final and final, it allowed me to get my head down and just concentrate on the win. I was playing safe to bring the title home, which wasn’t easy, but we made it. This RallyX Nordic Supercar Lites win is my first international title so it means a lot to me. I have been a bit unlucky in big events in the past so I have never had the chance to celebrate like this. All the hard work has finally paid off… fantastique!”

RallyX Nordic 2018 SuperCar Lites Standings:
Driver   Points
1- Guillame De Ridder 152
2- Ben Philip Gundersen 127
3- Sondre Evjen 97
4- William Nilsson 95
5- Marcus Höglund 93
6- Simon Olofsson 91
7- Jimmie Walfridson 79
8- Vasiliy Gryazin 71
9- Petter Leirhol 53
10- Linus Östlund 50
11- Stein Frederic Akre 49
12- Jonathan Walfridsson 47
13- Santosh Berggren 37
14- Mats Oskarsson 32
15- Reinis Nitiss 24
16- Kevin Eriksson 23
17- Hampus Rådström 19
18- Glenn Haug 19
19- Anders Michalak 17
20- Nathan Heathcote 14
21- Jami Kalliomaki 12
22- Martin Jonsson 9
23- Lukacs Kornél 6
24- Simon Syversen 4
25- Mattias Ledin 3
26- Cole Keatts 3
27- Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev 2
28- Troy Dovel 1
29- Veronica Salsten 0
30- Hans Ola Fröshaug 0